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Check out these cool sites with more preteen and teen health information:
Learn about fitness, food and nutrition, exercise, disease, and safety. Take a quiz, play a game, or create a fitness calendar.
Health tips for kids and preteens.
Health information for girls.
Health information for teen girls around the world.
Health information for young men around the world.
Ask your parents to visit this site to find out more information about the shots you need to enter 7th grade.
Tell us why you vaccines are important to you! Take a picture and upload it to this website.
Have you been a victim of a vaccine-preventable disease or know someone who has? Help raise awareness about vaccine-preventable diseases and share a personal story on this website.
Humorous videos about vaccinations and why they are important, with information about specific vaccines.


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    Tdap Vac & Friends visit the classroom to sing about whooping cough prevention.

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